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700 Conversion

We offer a full line of accuracy rifles built on various weapon systems.
Please contact us with your needs.

Remington 700 PSS Conversion Package
(Built on your action)

We are pleased to offer our Accuracy Conversion Package for all Remington 700 Police rifles.
Our Accuracy upgrade is designed to deliver consistent and repeatable accuracy, at an
affordable price,from Remington 700 rifles currently in your inventory. Our process involves a
thorough inspection of your rifles, the upgrade of key components with our proprietary
Mil-Spec replacement parts, reassembly to accuracy standards with epoxy bedding and
application of blue matte finish. This package effectively fills the void
between “out of the box” rifles and expensive custom tactical rifles, while extending the useful
life of your existing weapon systems.

Description of Services:

Inspect rifle for mechanical function, barrel wear, throat erosion and existing
accuracy. Replace all broken or worn small parts.
Inlet existing stock to accept Ross M1 (USMC) triggerguard,
Convert mounting holes to 8-40 tpi to accept Ross Optical Platform
Cut and re-crown factory barrel.
Adjust factory trigger to 3 1/2 lb. release.
Reassemble all upgrade components and steel reinforced epoxy bedding.

Summary of Replacement Components:

Provide and install Ross M1 (USMC) triggerguard.
Provide and install Ross 8-40 Optical Platform.

TOTAL DELIVERED PRICE – $1250.00 per rifle.
(Quantity discounts may apply)

Important Notes:

All conversions will be performed on your rifles. We do not provide actions or firearms.
We cannot save firearms that are worn beyond their useful life. Rifles that are slightly used or
marginal can usually be restored to peak accuracy with a total rebuild using a replacement
premium barrel. These services can be performed at an additional cost.
We will re-install your rifle telescope and any accessories you provide. Additional accessories
are available for purchase.
Demonstrations, test firing and on-site service are available in Ohio and surrounding areas.


A 1% – 10 days / Net 30 days discount is allowable on all Police Department purchase orders.
Lead times for conversions are 45 days or less.
All trades of surplus firearms will be considered at wholesale value.

Our products, in part or whole, are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines
in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130.