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Tactical Conversion

We offer a full line of accuracy rifles built on various weapon systems.
Please contact us with your needs.

D.D. Ross Remington 700 Tactical Rifle

We are pleased to offer our Ross Tactical Rifle to the Law Enforcement community. After many years of custom Military and Law Enforcement gunsmithing, we have developed a standardized tactical rifle to meet the needs of most departments. We have worked with many departments and individual officers nationwide to develop a combination of features that insure reliable, repeatable accuracy, while eliminating needless options that increase the price. Our technology is proven and currently serving with Military and Law Enforcement organizations worldwide. All Ross Tactical Rifles are custom built with our proprietary accuracy components and carry a full product warranty. The Ross Tactical Rifle is designed to deliver many years of reliable service, with repeatable accuracy, in a robust and portable package.Note- All rifles will be custom built on Remington 700 Actions provided by the customer. All actions are thoroughly gauged and re-machined, allowing the use of existing service rifles in good condition. Actions will be inspected for soundness and re-machined to minimal factory tolerances. Locking shoulders and receiver rings will be re-cut to insure proper cartridge support and bore alignment. Worn parts will be replaced as necessary.

Standard Features:

Douglas 416R Stainless Steel, Heavy Target barrel – four groove, 1-10 twist,
20” finished length. Installed with Ross USMC recoil lug.

McMillan fiberglass stock with thumbwheel adjustable cheek-piece, adjustable length of pull, bipod stud and push cup swivels.

Ross USMC M1 Triggerguard.

Ross 8-40 Optical Platform.

Hand assembled with titanium reinforced, epoxy pillar bedding.

Mil-Spec, matte blue finish on all components.;

Installation and collimation of your rifle telescope.

Test fired and targeted, with a 1/2 MOA performance warranty.

Fitted and returned in a Browning Travel Vault hard case.

TOTAL DELIVERED PRICE – $3250.00 per rifle.
(Quantity discounts may apply)

Important Notes:

All conversions will be performed on your rifles. We do not provide actions or firearms. We cannot save firearms that are worn beyond their useful life. Rifles that are slightly used or
marginal can usually be restored to peak accuracy with a total rebuild using a replacement premium barrel. These services can be performed at an additional cost.
We will re-install your rifle telescope and any accessories you provide.Additional accessories are available for purchase. Demonstrations, test firing and on-site service are available in Ohio and surrounding areas. Our rifles are adaptable to accept various suppressors. Call to inquire.


A 1% – 10 days / Net 30 days discount is allowable on all Police Department purchase orders.
Lead times for conversions are 180 days or less.
All trades of surplus firearms will be considered at wholesale value.

Our products, in part or whole, are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines
in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130.